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Does Facebook Generate Business?


Does Facebook generate business?

I am often asked this question.

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is it depends on how you use Facebook as a real estate professional.  Many agents were counseled over the past few years that the only way to success was via a Facebook Business Page.  If you are a regular follower of our blog, you know we have disagreed with this for nearly 2 years.  No engagement,  “likers” do not return to pages and Facebook does not move agent page updates to the newsfeeds of the “likers”.  If you want to debate us on this, leave a comment below.

One trait of the best agents is their ability to build quality relationships.  This does not happen with business pages.  In fact, Facebook does everything it can to prevent it in the real estate industry.

Relationships are built on Facebook through the profile.  Use custom friend lists and Facebook becomes a powerful marketing and relationship building tool.

Just this morning, one of our best clients shared her Facebook success story.  Here is what her client had to say:

“I’m wondering if you could give me a call sometime this week; I would like to take about 10 minutes to pick your brain about buying and flipping condos. I teach online and my live morning classes last until 10:00 a.m., so I am pretty free after that. It doesn’t have to be today – I know you are busy and I’m not in a huge hurry.
Five years ago, I ran you all over Queen Creek and then we threw you to the curb when my husband suddenly lost his job. It has been quite a journey since then (for both of us, as I have seen from your FB posts), but I have never forgotten how hard you worked for us without making us feel guilty for having to walk away. If I can make my ideas work, I can’t think of a realtor I would rather work with. ( :”

Needless to say, she is working with these clients to help them find a new home.  She never once posted a listing or proclaimed how great she was.  She simply was herself on Facebook.

In fact, this is how she puts it:

“You know what’s on my FB page – goofy stuff. I am terrible at keeping in touch with my sphere but this is not the first time I have received a message like this because of Facebook. The last time turned into 3 deals – about $800K in total sales.
It isn’t rocket science. Just be yourself, right!!

Yep.  Just be yourself.

Are You Ready for the New Facebook Page Timeline?


On March 30th, all Facebook business pages are going to switch to the timeline format.  This means big changes for pages that have custom landing tabs, “like gates” and other marketing add-ons.

The new timeline does not allow a custom landing tab.  This is disconcerting for many Facebook marketers, as many business pages rely heavily on “call to action” style applications to gather likes and drive engagement.

SocialMediaToday has a great post on tips for the new look business page.

Are you ready?  What do you think about these new changes?

Mind Your Social Profile


I came across the interesting infographic below while cleaning out my Google Reader.  (If you do not know what a Google Reader is, check our calendar for our next Google workshop)  If you have children or grandchildren in high school or college, you may want to forward this to them.

Kaplan Test Prep prepared the report and it is an eye-opener.  It’s best to use this rule – Don’t post anything your mother wouldn’t approve or you wouldn’t want to see in the paper.


Facebook Timeline Screencast – Adding Events


In our final screencast of this series, we examine adding events to your Timeline.  It is possible to add events as far back as the day you were born.  We can create our very own “online scrapbook” and control which friends can see which posts…



Facebook Timeline Screencast – Friends and Photo Privacy

In part 4 of our series on the new Facebook Timeline, we look at some key privacy settings.  Specifically, we will discuss friends and photo privacy settings.  Many people do not understand how to use these features.  If you want to use Facebook as a relationship building tool, you must adjust these settings properly.  If you have any questions after viewing the screencast, leave a comment below for the quickest response.